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Part 1 – Beginner Racing Mistakes to Avoid

As you begin your racing career you will learn many lessons.  Many of these lessons will be learned by making mistakes that are very common. In this five part series you will learn about common mistakes that many beginners make and ways that you can avoid them. One of the …

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How do you get into amateur racing?

Auto racing is one of the world’s most watched and best loved sports, and like any sport it’s natural to want to get involved and put your own skills to the test. Thanks to the emergence of amateur racing clubs and events, you no longer have to be a professional …

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Dog Racing Tips – Breakers and Route Races

In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that I like breakers in route races. Many people don’t, because they think that long races favor closers, not breakers. This is true. Dogs that can close at the end of the race are more likely to be in the money. But the beginning of …

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DARPA Grand Challenge “Driverless Racing”

Everyone can appreciate a good race, well, maybe almost anyone. Regardless, the speed, the rush and the breathtaking sight of vehicles moving gracefully and powerfully over courses has been a source of astonishment and amusement for sports fans all over the world. Beyond the cars, the tires, the engines, the …

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Fundraiser Idea: Ferret Racing Is Cool

Fundraiser Idea: Ferret Racing Is Cool Are you slowly getting crazy at the difficulty of coming up with a good fundraiser idea that will help you earn big? Then, don’t bump your head against the wall just yet because I’m here to save the day with a good thing that …

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